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Tutorial: IN THE CITY

In The City

This tutorial was written by Livia @ Liv Luvs Scraps on March 18, 2009 and is my own creation. Any resemblance to another tutorial is a coincidence! DO NOT take anything from this site and claim it as your own, including my ideas. Anything you create from this tutorial is yours, as long as you don’t make any money out of it. Please remember to only use images/tubes that you hold a license to, or are free for personal use. (Check an artist’s TOU before using their work!)

Supplies you’ll need:

Tube of choice – I’m using a tube from Carolina Seabra.

Scrap kit of choice – I’m using Sex in the City by Soxsational Scraps, which is unfortunately no longer available for purchase :*(

Filter: Eye Candy 5: Impact (or 4000) – Gradient Glow (optional) – this was only for the copyright info, so it’s not necessary, unless you really need it!! :)

Font of choice – I used Segoe Script

REMEMBER…Save your work often!!!

I will be refering to specific elements from the kit I’ve used, so if you aren’t using the same kit, use the elements you like from your kit of choice. At the bottom of this page, I’ve included an example using one of my own kits, to see that you can make this tag with any kit of your choosing. J

This tutorial assumes you have knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and its features.

Open a 700x700 blank canvas - you can resize it later.

Now open up the tube you will be using, duplicate it (so you don’t accidently do something to the original!) and close the original. Minimise this – you won’t need it for now.

Open up a dark paper from your scrap kit. I used Paper 10 from the SITC kit. Go back to your blank canvas –choose the rectangle preset shape, with your paper as your foreground pattern (and nothing for your background colour), and a line width of 5 pixels, draw a rectangle on your canvas. Once you’re happy with the size and shape, convert to a raster layer.

With your magic wand tool, click inside the rectangle – you should now have marching ants around the inside of the shape. Add a new raster layer. Go to Selections/Modify/Expand and expand by 1 pixel. Copy your dark paper from the previous step, and paste it in the selection. Do not deselect.

Add a new raster layer. Move this to the bottom of your layer list (on the right of your screen). Fill this layer (with the marching ants still around the inside of the rectangle) with white. Deselect.

Go back to your layer filled with the dark paper (not the rectangle frame!) and lower the opacity to about 60.

Maximise your tube, copy it and paste it as a new layer on your tag canvas. I’ve kept mine at 100% size for this one. Lower the opacity to 14.

Go back to your filled layer (the one from two steps before this one!), and with your magic wand tool, select the area outside the rectangle, then go to your tube layer, and hit delete. You should now only have your tube inside the frame.

Now open up a paper from your kit of choice that is the same or a similar colour to the paper already used, but with a pattern on it (in a lighter colour, preferably). (I used Paper 11 from the SITC kit.) Copy it.

Back in your tag canvas - again, with your magic wand tool, select the area outside the rectangle layer. Go to Selections/Invert.  Add a new layer to your tag canvas. Paste your new paper in this selection. Deselect. Lower the opacity of this paper to 24.

Find a long embellishment in the kit you’re using, eg. Ribbon (in the Sex In The City kit, there are a couple of Skyline embellishments, so that’s what I used.)  Copy it, and add it as a new layer on your canvas. Make sure this is your top layer. Resize it if you need to. Add a drop shadow of choice (I used H&V=0, Opacity=50, Blur=5, Colour=Black).

Now, add an embellishment from your kit of choice to the bottom right-hand corner – it can be a button, flower, bow...completely up to you!! (I used the disco ball from the Sex In the City kit!) Add a drop shadow to it, and then add a drop shadow to your tube.

At this point, I added some bling to the top right of the tag. This is optional!! :)

It’s now time to add your text/name! Open up your font of choice, with the colour white (or a light colour from your tube), type out your word. Convert to a raster layer, and position it to wherever you want it. I put it at the bottom, almost centred, and positioned it so part of it was ‘hanging’ off the edge of the tag. Add a drop shadow of choice.

All you have to do now is add the copyright/licensing info, and your watermark.

Save as a JPG...and that's it!!

In The City

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