Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TKO's Charity Kit - "Have a Heart"

Some of the designers at TKO Scraps have put together a fantastic charity kit called "Have A Heart", with all sales going to the American Heart Association.

I was shocked to learn that heart disease is the number 1 killer of women in the United States! All the money raised with the sale of this kit will go directly to the AHA - to help fund research and education to fight heart disease!

It's a full-size personal use kit, and contains 20 papers (in jpg format) and 95 elements (in png format)...and it's only $1.00 for a limited time only!!

Have A Heart charity kit

A huge thanks goes out to the designers who put this kit together...KissedbyPix, KissedbyCari, Lost In Scraps, Linda's Dream Designs & KC's Scrappin Santuary. They did a fantastic job, don't you think?!?

Oh...and if you purchase this kit, and mention in your comments before you check-out and pay for your kit, that "Liv Luvs Scraps sent me", then email me (my email address is in my TOU) with your name (as you've signed up at TKO Scraps - to purchase your kit) and your favourite colour scheme (you can send a picture, or just say "I like dark pinks/purples"...etc) and I will design a freebie kit with that colour scheme and whatever theme you like (nothing rude, crude or disgusting!), and it will be featured on this blog, and available for people to download!! You'll have a kit named after you or named after whatever you'd like!!

For example, if you love dark pinks & purples, rock music and the word "Rockstar"- I'll make a rock music-themed kit, featuring your favourite colours, and it'll be called "Rockstar"!! Plus, it'll say in the TOU and on the preview that it's made especially for you! :)

I hope I've made sense! :)

Til next time...

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