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BONDI BEACH BABE available now


Personal use only, Tagger-Size & Full size kits available - 300 dpi

featuring supplies made from Cancer Moon Creations scripts

Summer in Sydney, Australia wouldn't be complete without a visit to the iconic Bondi Beach - where girls love to get rid of their tan lines and guys love the girls getting rid of their tan lines.

Based on the colours the designer saw on a bikini, this kit is great for showcasing summer and/or feminine tags & layouts - with colours such as saffron, peach, pink, yellow, creamsicle and accents of gold.

"Bondi Beach Babe" includes:
20 papers, all in JPG format

42 Embellishments, all in PNG format:
5 curled ribbons
5 ribbons
4 bows (2 different types)
4 buttons
3 sun pendants
2 beach towels
2 'beach babe' poser tubes
2 flowers
2 heart gem scatters
2 ice cream buttons
2 shovel & pail (together)
2 strings of pearls
2 sunglasses
1 beach ball
1 beaded spiral rope
1 lace flower
1 mosaic frame
1 postage stamp

This kit is exclusive TKO Scraps.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"LOLA" CU/PU Poser Tubes available at both stores


Commercial/Personal Use - 200 dpi

This is Lola...she looks sweet and innocent, doesn't she? But does she have a darker side to her? Mystery surrounds this gal...nobody knows who she is, except that her first name is 'Lola' - or at least, that's what she says it is.

In your zip file, you will receive 10 tubes all up - 8 full body poses, and 2 headshot portraits.

These tubes are for both personal & commercial use, are 200 dpi, and the largest side of each tube is approx. 900 pixels!

[Please read the enclosed TOU file for more information about usage.]

This product is available at both TKO Scraps and Fantasy Posers.

Tutorial: Memories


This tutorial was written by Livia @ Liv Luvs Scraps on October 13, 2009 and is my own creation. Any resemblance to another tutorial is a coincidence! DO NOT take anything from this site and claim it as your own, including my ideas. Anything you create from this tutorial is yours, as long as you don’t make any money out of it. Please remember to only use images/tubes that you hold a license to, or are free for personal use. (Check an artist’s TOU before using their work!)

Supplies you’ll need:

Tube of choice – I’m using a tube from Anniebel (site currently down) for the first tag, and one from Popeye Wong for the second tag (at the bottom).
CAUTION: Popeye Wong's site contains images of an adult nature. Discretion is advised.

Scrap kit of choice – the kit I’m using is “Nan’s Memories” by Kirsty’s Scraps, which may be purchased here.

Mask of choice – I’m using ‘kelsmask180’ from Ms. Kel – unfortunately, her masks are no longer available on the net...but you can use any mask you like. If you’re using the same kit as I am or a similar kit, a vintage-looking mask will look nice! (In the second tag, I’m using a mask from Creative Desires, which is also not available anymore, unless I haven’t searched the net correctly! LOL)

Filters [OPTIONAL]: * Eye Candy 5 Impact (a pay filter, sorry!) Or you can use version 4, if you have it! You’ll be using the Glow/Gradient Glow filter.

If you’re using either of the Eye Candy’s – you can download the settings I made for this tag here. Or you can use your own! (In the zip, there are 2 files – one is for EC4 [which is the small file] and the other is for EC5 [the larger file]...feel free to use them in your other tags and projects!) Put these in the Gradient Glow folder of your Eye Candy folder, which should be with the rest of your plug-ins & filters.

REMEMBER…Save your work often!!!

I will be referring to specific elements from the kit I’ve used, so if you aren’t using the same kit, use the elements you like from your kit of choice. At the bottom of this page, I’ve included an example using one of my own kits, to see that you can make this tag with any kit of your choosing. :)

This tutorial assumes you have knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and its features.

Open up a 600x600 canvas – you can resize it later. Fill the canvas with white (for our background).

Also open up the tube you’ll be using, duplicate it and close the original – just in case! :)

From your kit of choice, open up a paper that will match your tube. I’m using Paper 10 from “Nan’s Memories”.

Duplicate & close the original.

Copy & paste this paper on your blank canvas.

Go to Layers...Load/Save Mask...Load Mask From Disk (if you have your mask of choice already in your ‘masks’ psp folder)...if you don’t, put it in there now! :)

Choose the mask you want to use. Make sure these are selected: Source Luminance, Fit to Canvas, Hide Mask. Then click ‘Load’.

Merge Group.

Next, choose a ribbon from your kit. I’m using Ribbon 3 from “Nan’s Memories”.

Copy & paste onto your tag, on the layer above your masked paper. Resize if you need to.

We’re going to make the ribbon look like it’s wrapped around the sides of the mask layer.

Firstly, lower the opacity of your ribbon so you can see the mask underneath.

Using your lasso (aka the Freehand Selection Tool), and choosing the ‘Point to Point’ option for ‘Selection Type’, click around the part of the ribbon you want to delete – the part that’s going over the edge of the mask layer.

After you’ve selected this, press ‘delete’ on your keyboard. Hopefully it should sort of look like it’s wrapped around the edge.

Do the same for the other end of the ribbon.

Next, click on your “Lighten/Darken” tool and use these settings:

Shape=circle, size=20, hardness=30, step=2, density=100, thickness=100, rotation=0, opacity=50

Right-clicking (which is the darken tool), go over the ‘wrapping’ edges of your ribbon once...this gives the effect of your ribbon wrapping around the sides! Isn’t that clever?!? LOL

Add a drop shadow of choice to the ribbon.

(For my second tag, my ribbon was thin, so I added a word art embellishment to the layer below the ribbon, and then made it look like the ribbon was wrapped around the word art!)

Choose another embellishment of choice from the scrap kit. I chose the Key from “Nan’s Memories”, and a vinyl record for the second tag.

Place it on the bottom right hand side of your tag. You can either have it on top of or below your ribbon – completely up to you!

Add a drop shadow of choice to this embellishment.

Time for your tube. Resize it, if needed (I think I resized both tubes by about 80%).

Place this toward the left hand side of the tag.

Add a drop shadow of choice to your tube.

Now – time for your text!

Using a colour & font of your choice (I used ‘Freestyle Script’ for both tags either at 90 or 110 in size), type out your text. Convert to raster layer.

Here’s the tricky part... Well, it’s not so tricky anymore, coz I’ve made it simple for ya!!

Open up whichever Eye Candy you’re using; find the ‘Black White Black’ setting (you may have to ‘import’ it into EC...which just means going to ‘Manage’, ‘Import’ then finding the setting), and click ‘OK’...see, told you I made it simple! :)

If you want to, you can add a drop shadow to this text.

All you have to do now is add the copyright/licensing info, and your watermark!

Resize your tag & trim the canvas if you need to...

Save it as a JPG...and you're done!!!


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Kolor Scapez Konvoy -- BLOG TRAIN!!!! :)

I'm excited to be a part of this blog train - it's my first month participating, and it looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun!! :)

Anyway...this month's Kolor Scapez Konvoy Awareness Blog Train is for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month takes place throughout the month of October each year. It began in 1985 in an effort to increase concern for breast health issues and spread the importance of early cancer detection. While a great deal of research and treatments have been achieved and improved in recent years, breast cancer is still one of the leading causes of death among women, second only to skin cancer. Therefore, the value of acknowledging and promoting healthy breast care is substantial. It is important to educate women on the risk factors and causes of breast cancer, as well as possible preventative measures and annual mammography screening for women over 40.

Here's the 'sneak peak' for my part of the blog train...which is, of course, FREE...(always a good thing! LOL)

click on the preview to go directly to the download page

And here is the list of the other people involved this month.

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We have a winner!!!!

The winner for my Tag Contest is...


Congrats!! :) And thank you for entering :)

Here is the gorgeous winning tag!! :)

Gina's tag

Thursday, October 1, 2009

FANTASY POSERS Store Grand Opening!!

FP Opening

Come & help us celebrate the grand opening of the new store, Fantasy Posers, dedicated to Poser Tubes & Kits featuring them!

A lot of items will be discounted to $1!! Lots of bargains, and plenty of different kinds of tubes to look at & purchase!!

Plus, with a purchase of $15 or more you receive a Poser Collab, put together by various store designers.

CMC Creative Team's Halloween Tag Contest!!!

Thanks to Becca for getting this ready for us! :)

Halloween Contest

Halloween Tag Contest

"All tag entries should have a halloween theme. Participants will each recieve a Mini Collab Mystery Kit. The kit will be made by the Cancer Moon Creations Team.

Once I recieve your entry I will send you a link to the mystery kits. You can download one or all of them.

Rules for the tags:

No larger than 500 x 500
Send in two copies of your tag
one with your name and email addy on it
and one with out any identifying marks on it.
All tags must be sent in to me Becca at beccards@suddenlink .net by October 23rd
so that I can post them to my blog for the CT members to vote on.
The winner and runner ups will be notified by email and then posted on my blog.
The Grand Prize winner (1st place) will be awarded with a cu grab bag including
scripts from cmc. Runners up will receive a cmc script.
We are looking forward to seeing your tags."

Have fun with this everybody!!! :) Can't wait to see what you all come up with!! :)

Enjoy! :)